Private GMAT Math Tutor in Dallas

  • 30 yrs experience.
  • 1-on-1 tutoring.
  • Students admitted to Ivy League Schools.

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GMAT Private Tutor

Math GMAT Prep Course

Do you find that you are not good in the Quantitative section of the GMAT?

That is a common problem among students. I will help you overcome this obstacle using some of my tried and true tutoring techniques.

You will excell and improve you score by at least 100 points or score in the 90th Percentile in the Math section after the private instruction you receive from me.

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One-On-One Turoring

GMAT Math section Tutoring

During the first One-on-One session, I will sit with you and identify the areas that need to be improved immediately.

Together we will formulate the lesson plans to more precisely incorporate your specific needs. Then, we will decide the time that needs to be spent in each specific area.

We will cover all the different model problems with all the possible twists and tricks. In one shot, you will see the various types of problems from simple to complex, and how to tackle them efficiently and effortlessly.

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GMAT Math Section Tutoring

Competition to get into a good business school is fiercer then ever.

With my One-on-One GMAT Prep Course, you will master the GMAT Math section and score in the 90th Percentile.

I will give you the personal attention you need every step of the way regarding the problems. I will help you learn the techniques to overcome the Math section of GMAT.

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Introducing Group Tutoring

GMAT Math Section Tutoring

I am now offering Group Tutoring for the Quantitative section of the GMAT.

Discounted rates per person are available with this new service. Learn the same skills for less.

Everyone in the group will still get personal and patient instruction so that they can master the Math Section of the GMAT and get into the business school of their choice.

GMAT Students